The year is 1947, and India's independence is finally guaranteed. Only one question remains- will that independence be in one piece, or two?

Fighting fiercely for a unified India is Gandhi, supported by Nehru and Lord Mountbatten, Viceroy of India. But against it is Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who is desperate for a partitioned India, fearing that violence- that came to pass, anyway - would occur. 

Jinnah controls practically every Muslim in India, and if he gives the word, then slaughter will occur. "We shall have India, divided, or we shall have India destroyed" becomes his rallying call. 

But his party only keeps this line because of him. If he were to die, then his successor- most probably Liquat Ali Khan- would almost certainly not be as drastic. 

And Jinnah is dying. His doctor gives him just a few months. He attempts to keep this secret, as if any of his opposers find this out, they will simply delay until his death, then push for a unified India.

He fails, and in December 17th, 1948, India finally gets its independence.

Led by the left leaning Nehru, with no Pakistan to balance it, India completely changes the political situation in Asia. 

Welcome to No Partition.

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