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POD: Hitler and Nazi Germany never betrays his non-aggression pact with Stalin and the Soviet Union by never launching Operation Barbarossa. This results in a drastically different World War Two and world in general.


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World War Two (overview)

1941: Hitler never invades the USSR. Britain continues to receive an unending beating from Germany. Because of this, Britain begins to focus more and more of its efforts on just staying alive. The USSR jointly invades Poland with Germany, as well as annexing Finland and the Baltics.

1942: Britain's naval fleet is recalled to British waters.

1943: Nazi Germany, deciding that Britain can no longer pose a threat, steps up its production of ships and planes in preparation for Operation Sealion.

1944: Operation Sealion captures important territory and objectives on the British mainland, but results in an overall tactical defeat, as German troops, severely underestimating British capabilities and facing bad weather conditions, are bogged down in Kent and Sussex, with insufficient reinforcements. Britain eventually expels all German troops from Great Britain after ...

1945: The Manhattan Project in the US has continued on with more aggression and speed than OTL because the scientists there know this may be their last chance to push Germany back. In March 1945, the Trinity test was a success. Atomic bomb production begins in earnest. The US drops atomic bombs in German cities like Munich and Berlin. Eventually, Germany surrenders, and soon after, WWII ends.

Near Aftermath of WWII

- Britain is much worse off financially due to having been partially invaded.

- The world is {more} fearful of nuclear war, but less concerned it may actually happen, due to the horrific effects of atomic bombs on both European and Japanese cities. (edit by tao64: wut. why {LESS FEARFUL?}) (Lmath037: last paragraph)

- The famous White Cliffs of Dover have a blast mark in them at ground zero of the atomic bomb. It still inspires gratitude toward America for any Brits who visit.

- The Western Allies occupy all of Europe, since the USSR never helped them.

- There was more distrust toward the Soviet Union, since they never helped the Allies fight Germany.

- Munich and Berlin are in ruins.

- America is considered to be even more of a WWII hero than OTL.

- The USSR has much more power, but no excuses for wars ... so it must make its own.

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