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Welcome to No Messiah, a timeline where the early death of Jesus Christ leads to a world of ripple affects, leaving us a very different world today.


(Disclaimer: The main point of this timeline is that Christianity does not form. The writings below are for flavour, and are from a perspective within the Christian religion, so please be tolerant. If you're no fun, the PoD is just the teachings of Christianity are never taught and simply do not spread.)


Jesus Christ, the Prophet of Nazareth, Meditating

The year is 0 A.D. King Herod sits in his court, frustrated with his visit with three Persian philosophers from the east. Herod has heard of a new king, and is paranoid of losing his throne to some newborn child. Getting fed up with all the work and with no result, Herod orders all children under the age of two to be slaughtered. Mary and Joseph, mother and father of newborn king of the Jews, Jesus Christ, gets awoken by an angel, and are told to go into exile in Egypt. However, Joseph, instead of notifying his wife to go to Egypt, panics. Once Joseph is able to calm himself and get up Mary, Roman soldiers are banging on the door, and rip Jesus from Mary's caring hands. Without Jesus and the rise of Christianity, the world would plunge down a much different path, with the future of humanity at stake...

Users Involved

If you would be interested in helping on this project, just sign your name below. Anybody is welcome to help, as long as they are cooperative and are open to interpretation and suggestions from the lead writers of the project.


Check the talkpage for the guidelines on this ATL. We have a Google Doc we are all working on with the events for the timeline. Contact Saturn's talk or visit me on chat and I can get you all of our necessary notes to work with us.


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