After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in 1995, Monica Lewinsky applies for and is given an internship in the office of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.

In 1997 Kenneth Starr is forced to step down as Independent Council after the Whitewater and Vince Foster investigations prove fruitless. Starr and his right wing supporters are mocked heavily by late night comedians, and many of the public start seeing them as corrupt.

Most of Starr's strongest supporters begin to distance themselves, but ads paid for by the Democrats accuse Republican politicians of supporting a pointless investigation due to a partisan desire to hurt the President.

This tactic proves effective, Clinton's approval ratings skyrocket, and Democrats making large gains in the 1998 mid-term elections.

Republicans retain control of the House, but Democrats pick up a slim majority in the Senate.

Bill Clinton (No Lewinsky)

United States presidential election, 2000 (No Lewinsky)

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