In early 2003, intelligence is gathered supporting Iraq's desire for large amounts of Plutonium. Rather than act rashly, President Bush opts instead to take detante to the Iraqis and Hussein. He puts large economic pressure upon them through tariffs and by drilling great amounts of oil and producing nuclear power plants domestically to reduce dependence upon foreign oil. By August 2004, with efforts greatly enhanced in Afghanistan due to concentration upon the War on Terror, Osama Bin Ladin is killed by a strike force of 20 CIA operatives. By October 2004, Saddam Hussein is killed by his own people in a massive protest movement that ends in democracy in Iraq. In November George Bush was easily re-elected with 67% of the popular vote over the Howard Dean/Hillary Clinton ticket. George Bush's approval ratings never dipped below 65%. In November 2008 he supported the Republican nominee John McCain over the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton; Rice/Powell ticket beat the Clinton/Kerry ticket 65% to 34%, with independents and third parties picking up the remainder. Ron Paul became Speaker of the House, with a Republican majority of over 300 representatives and 63 senators.

List of Presidents:

# name Portrait Tenure Begin Tenure End Vice President
43 George W. Bush
2001 2009 Dick Cheney
44 Condalisa Rice
453px-Condoleezza Rice cropped
2009 2017 Colin Powell

List of Elections:



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