The United States doesn't become imperialist in the mid-late 19th century. America doesn't buy Alaska, doesn't conquer Hawaii, doesn't declare war on Spain. It doesn't enter WWI, Japan doesn't attack, because there is no naval base in Hawaii.


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  • Flag of the German EmpireGerman Empire
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)Austria-Hungary
  • Flag of the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
  • US flag 51 starsUnited States of America
  • Flag of BulgariaBulgaria
  • Union Flag (including Wales)United Kingdom
  • 594px-Flag of South AfricaNAIsvgSouth Africa
  • Flag of FranceFrance
  • Flag of Canada 1921Canada
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia
  • Flag of New ZealandNew Zealand
  • Flag of the Soviet UnionUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • Flag of JapanJapanese Empire
  • Flag of DenmarkDenmark
  • Naval Ensign of SwedenSweden
  • Flag of MexicoMexico
  • Flag of HaitiHaiti
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crownedKingdom of Italy
  • Flag of AlbaniaAlbania
  • Flag of SpainSpain
  • Flag Portugal (1830)Portugal
  • Flag of the Republic of ChinaChina
  • 1931 Flag of IndiaIndia
  • Flag of Brazil (1889-1960)Brazil
  • Flag of ArgentinaArgentina
  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974)Ethiopia
  • Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands
  • Flag of Belgium (civil)Belgium
  • Flag of PersiaPersia
  • Flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan
  • Flag of NepalNepal
  • Flag of NorwayNorway
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • GermanIrelandIreland
  • Flag of EcuadorColombia
  • Flag of LiberiaLiberia
  • Flag of ChileChile
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Defunct Nations



Issues, Complaints, Changes


  • What about Indochina?
  • What happened to France during the treaty, they were more of an "enemy" to Germany than Britain.





Spring 1920

  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Flag of the German Empire Flag of the Ottoman Empire Flag of BulgariaThe Great War ends with a Central Powers victory. As of the treaty of Leipzig, The UK is forced to release India, Canada, Ireland, and Australia as their own countries. These countries are forbidden to enter alliances with any of the former Allied powers. Much of the Allied African colonies is taken away. Belize is given to the Ottoman Empire. South Africa is put under a Prussian Constitutionalist government. Romania is divided between Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary annexes Montenegro and Serbia. Luxembourg is annexed by Germany. Islands surrounding the British Isles are gifted to Denmark.
  • US flag 51 starsMannhattan becomes America's 51st state. It includes Long Island as well as Manhattan
  • Flag of the German Empire (I dunno if the games began, but I am going to assume that) It celebrates its victory over the Triple Entente and enjoys its newest possessions. Because of their common German heritage, it calls for a union with Austria-Hungary. After its gift to Denmark, it asks Denmark for an alliance and trade agreements.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union The Soviet Union banishes all political dissidents to Germany and Europe.
  • GermanIreland Ireland celebrates the Central Powers victory and their new found independence. They ask for an alliance with the German Empire, because of proud Celtic ancestry.
  • Flag of France Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) France and Britain fall into a recession after the war.

Summer 1920

  • The Netherlands declares war on Belgium for restoration of the order.
  • Germany: Germany agrees to establish an alliance with Ireland. They condemn the USSR for banishing political dissidents and believes they have the right to have a voice in the government, though they do take the refugees. They join Netherlands in the invasion of Belgium in exchange for some of the country's land.
  • Ireland is very happy for Germany accepting their alliance and declares war on Brittany(in France) to unite the Celtic lands from the foreign gauls and franks.
  • Japan invades the Spanish empire for land
  • France blames Britain for defeat in WW1 and declares war
  • Austria-Hungary: Austria-Hungary is reorganized into a federal state with the King taking the place of President. A constitution is written. Declares war on France to aid Britain as its not Britains fault