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Welcome to the Portal Page for No Expansionist Japan ATL.

This timeline explores what would happen if Japan never became expansionist.

In 1813, Matthew Perry is killed in the Battle of Lake Erie. As a result, he never forces Japan to "open" trade, and as a result, Japan is never expansionist.

This timeline is "live", and the events are continuing to transpire in real time, NOW.


The Point of Divergence of the No Expansionist Japan timeline is September 10th, 1813. In the Battle of Lake Erie, Matthew Perry is killed.

This death leads to a different outcome of a well-known event, the introduction of western influence to Japan in 1853. Without Matthew Perry, the threat is introduced less intimidating, and the Japanese refuse U.S. trade. The United States, whom were not prepared to invade Japan, simply decide to return to Norfolk, Virginia.

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