The Roman Empire was one of the greatest and most innovative societies of antiquity. It expanded over vast areas of Europe and dominated the sea surrounding it. It was originally a Republic until and ambitious military leader Julius Caesar was proclaimed dictator for life. He gained fame for crushing the Gauls in modern day France and taking it for Rome. After his death and a civil war between different factions of the Roman Republic Octavian, his grandnephew was crowned emperor. The empire was successful and expanded greatly but eventually expanded so far that it became hard to defend. It collapsed in 476 AD.

But ... this could have changed. During Caesar's invasion of Gaul his counterpart Vercingeterix was forced to make a decision that would not only affect his people, but the world. As Caesar's army needs food for his soldier's and cavalry he starts raiding the Bitrigues tribe of Gaul. Vercengetri originally decided to burn down the Bitrigues villages but instead backed down at the demands of their chief to keep Avacrium. What if Vercengentrix had decided burn down all the Bitrigues villages and allocated them to different villages?


As a result Caesar's troops go hungry and he is forced to retreat. The senate desperately negotiate a truce with the northern Gauls who are poised to strike Roman Gaul. Caesar loses his popularity and never gains the position of consul, let alone dictator for life. In fear of panic and rioting by the Roman people the senate appoints Pompeii to moralize the people of the Roman Republic. Pompeii decides for an expansion towards the east...


List of Nations (No Caesar)

Timeline (No Caesar)

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