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Point of Divergence

Eleanor of Aquitaine bore to Louis VII of France son Philip instead of the daughter, Marie (unlike OTL). As a result, Louis didn't divorced Eleanor and she never married Henry Plantagenet, сount of Anjou. Angevin Empire never came


  • In 1145, Eleanor of Aquitaine bore the son, Philip, who became heir to throne of France and future king Philip II
  • In 1151, Louis VII supported Stephen of Blois. which struggled for the throne of England against House of Anjou. France annexed Gisors and Vexin
  • In 1154, after death of Henry Plantagenet in batte against Stephen's troops, his brother Geoffrey, new count of Anjou, he renounced claims to crown of England. King of England became Stephen of Blois
  • In 1156, Geoffrey of Anjou conquested count of Nant in Brittany. New count of Anjou became William, brother of Geoffrey and Henry
  • In 1158, Geoffrey of Anjou died. Conan, duke of Brittany, reconquested Nant. Alliance Brittany with France against count of Anjou
  • In 1159, William, brother of Eustace and heir of English throne, died. William, count of Anjou, married a his widow, Isabel de Warenn. Alliance England with Anjou

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