The Nla Ilana (Great Statutes), is the constitution of the Kuzir Empire. It was masterminded by Prince Uwaifiokun, regent of the empire, following the death of his brother, Oba Ewuare. The Nla Ilana was devised by Uwaifiokun in 1427 as a set of laws for the empire after several bureaucrats and generals attempted to exploit the sudden death of the Oba for their own ends, leading to the prince to set up and take over the empire, and crush the dissenters before they could cause any harm to the nation. The document provided the first set of codified laws in the nation, and helped to officially put an end to any confusion as to the order of succession in the empire. It was adopted in 1427 by the legislative body of the Kuzir Empire, known as the uzama, and become law later that year.

All roles in government, military, and religion are described within the Nla Ilana, and checks and balances on power within the government exist so as to prevent any danger of instability within the bureaucracy. Within the text of the document, the military is placed under the control of the clergy bureaucracy, which itself is checked by a commissariat of loyalist inquisitors handpicked by the Oba of the nation, to root out corruption and incompetence within the government. Also codified by the Nla Ilana are the roles of the castes within the empire, as well as the rights of the subjects of the empire. The right to due legal process, to not be detained without reason, and the right to life and property are also stated as protected rights of the people within the empire, though only for those of the Kuzir faith.


  • I. KNOW THIS, that on seventh day of the second month of the fourteenth year of the reign of Ewuare the Great, Oba of the Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly, that his Prince and Regent, Uwaifiokun, has penned these words to last to time indefinite.
  • II. LET all know that before the Heaven, we the faithful and devote servants of Oghodua, have accepted these laws as a statute to live by to time indefinite. We know this for a fact, that we are as babes, thoughtless and without direction, and through his servant, Uwaifiokun, require the guidance of God in this hour of great need. We, though born free and fearless, ever need the steady hand of leadership and borders to keep us on the path to unity and prosperity. The faith of the land, Kuzirism, shall be the call that unites us all. Henceforth, We the Children of Oghodua, have under-written, the laws of the land we shall obey to time indefinite.
  • III. THE Supreme Lord of these lands, Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly, shall be the Oba, who has guided His people since time immemorial. His will shall be over the land and the followers of the Kuzir faith. Over the Oluko shall the Oba reign supreme, and over the people of the land shall he reign supreme. Let those who defy him suffer his wrath. The selection of the Oba shall not be hindered by sex, and both man and woman shall be qualified for the throne.
  • IV. SHOULD the Oba succumb to his mortality, a regent shall be appointed to rule in his steed until which time an heir shall be determined, and up until the point the heir has reached the age of majority. The regent shall be one selected by the Oba himself first, or by the Oluko through the will of the Uzama second. During such time of the regency, the regent shall be imbued with the power of the Oba, and shall hold in his hands the rights equal to that of the Oba.
  • V. SHOULD the regent not be decided upon by either the Oba or the Uzama, let it be known that the Iyoba of the land should be appointed in the steed of regent. The Iyoba shall be the mother of the Oba first, or the first wife of the Oba second. Any woman who should find personal favor with the Oba may hold this status should either the mother or the wife be found lacking or absent.
  • VI. The Uzama shall be the council of the Oba, through whom all acts of the Oba shall be executed swiftly and effectively. Let it be known that the body shall consist of the following members: the Iyase (supreme commander), the Iyoba (queen mother), the Edaiken (crown prince), the Minister of State, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of War, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Taxation, the Minister of Public Works, the Minister of Faith, and the Minister of the Administration. All shall be answerable to the Oba, and all shall serve at the pleasure of the Oba.
  • VII. LET all men know that they are imbued with rights in the name of God. All men and women, the young and the old, devout servants of Oghodua, are under the protection of the Oba and the Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly. Let no man seize another without cause. Let no man exact revenge without permission. Let every subject of the Oba rest by the road without fear of strife or persecution. Let every man have right to legal proceedings as befitting a servant of the Oba. Let every man know that he is entitled to land and property should he pursue such gains. Let all men know that these are rights all subjects of the Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly are imbued with. Disobey and die.
  • VIII. NO man or woman shall be deprived of their rights. They shall not be taken or imprisoned, they shall not be dispossessed of their holdings, freedoms, or identity, nor shall they be outlawed or exiled without due process under the Laws of the Land by trial of their fellow man. Disobey and die.
  • IX.THE Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly is indivisible, unified under God and the Oba. An attack on one Kuzir is an attack on all Kuzir. To the defense of the land all shall be called. Should anyone be found at home on the day of their mobilization, they shall be hanged.
  • X. LET all men know that the enslavement of his fellow man, a loyal servant of the Oba and a faithful disciple of Oghodua, shall be illegal to time indefinite throughout the width and breath of the Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly. Never shall a man, woman, or child, be deprived of their freedom, and never shall they be forced to suffer the indignity of indentured servitude to another subject of the Oba. Let punishment be swift and justice delivered, and the lawbreaker executed by the land.
  • XI. LET trade be of mutual benefit to all, and engagement free and fair. Let no man or woman find themselves deprived of work due to no fault of their own. They are to be free to engage with their own hand any trade found acceptable to God. They are imbued with the creativity and ingenuity of Oghodua, and shall be free to pursue whatever so work they find pleasing so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of their fellow man.
  • XII. LET marriage between a man be holy. Yes, let him marry up to five wives of Kuzir origin. Of any women of pagan origin, let him lay with as many as he may care for, though let all know that he must care for one Kuzir woman, for to abuse this law is to invite the fury of God and the Oba.
  • XIII. ALL servants of the Oba within the Most Holy Empire of the Kuzir Assembly shall be expected to provide children to the state. Let them be fruitful, with many children to their name. It gives the land prestige and much wealth in numbers, and provides to the land a name to carry on its banner to time indefinite.
  • XIV. ALL warriors shall be answerable to the Oba, and to the order of succession henceforth described. All warchiefs shall be answerable to this order, and death awaits all who disobey. Yes, they serve not themselves by the subjects of the Oba, and to them are they responsible. Let the people hold in their hands the life and death of those who would dare turn their swords and spears on those whom they have sworn to protect. Let the Iyase be appointed over them, and let him serve as the example both for blessings and for maledictions that await them.
  • XV. ALL clergy are answerable to the Oba, the Chosen of Oghodua, his avatar on the earth. Let them serve and obey the Voice of Oghodua, let them look to the Oba for guidance in all things of physical nature, to the lands beyond for the needs of their quest to find Oghodua.

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