Ňitranské kráľovstvo
Nitramian Kingdom
Timeline: Christian Arabia

OTL equivalent: Slovakia,northernHungary, Subcarpathian Ruthenia
Flag of Slovakia
Capital Ňitra
Largest city Prešpork
Other cities Košice,Užgorod
Language Ňitramian,Slovjak,Ruthenian,Avar,Cotinian,Zipsian
Religion Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic
Government Constitutional monarchy
King Vladislav II.
Population 6 453 359 
Established 1968
Currency Nitravian Koruna

The Kingdom of Nitramia is a landlocked country in central Europe, bordering Poland to the north and east, Dacia to the southeast, Sarmatia and Panonia to the south, Austria to the southwest and Bohemia to the northwest.


The Nitrams arrived to Nitramia in the Great Migration period. In the 9th Century they were conquered by Great Moravia, which survived until 983, when Slavomir II. divided the realm between his two sons: Pribislav and Rastimir.

Pribislav made a pact with the Bohemian dukes and defeated the realm of Rastimir in Moravia, gaining Záhorie and Slovácko.

In the year 1000, Nitramia was recognized as a kingdom by the Pope, and Pribislavs heir Ňitrabor conquered Carpathian Ruthenia and placed his son Slavomir as a duke there.

In 1013 Nitramia had to fight the Magyars (again) and defeated them in the battle of Jager (Eger in OTL Hungary).The coalition of Croats,Pannonians, DaciansIazyges,Avars and Cumans defeated the Hungarians also near Solnok and they have died out by the year 1200.

In 1205, king Ján II. has fought a war with Bohemia, losing Slovácko.

His successor, Borimir Veľký conquered Pannonia, and his vassals occupied the lands to the south as far as the rivers Sáva and Danube on the borders with Byzantium.

In 1241, a vast Tatar force has defeated Borimir near the city of Miškovec.The land was left desolate, however duke Mattyus (Matúš) of Trenčín has built an army in western Nitramia and defended the western parts of the kingdom.

In 1263, a Danube khanate was set up, and the kingdom of Nitramia was soon overrun.The city of Saray Tisza (near Seged) was its capital, and soon Nitramia became a tributary to the Danube khanate.

In 1402, a force led by Juraj Thurso defeated the Tatars and created an independent Slovjakia (OTL East Slovakia).

The Danube khanate was defeated in 1423 with Saray Tisza being conquered. Juraj II. Thurso soon conquered Carpathian Ruthenia and Nitramia and created a strong centralized state.

Pannonia, Croatia and Carantania merged with Nitramia as part of a personal union in 1501.The last king of the Thurso dynasty dies in battle with a Turkish army near Mohács(invited by Serbia)in 1526. The Habsburgs annex Nitramia and create the Habsburg monarchy lasting until 1918.

After WWI, Nitramia and Pannonia joined the Bohemian Crown, and created the Federation of Bohemians,Nitrams and Pannonians.In 1938, Slovjakia declared independence, and Pannonia merged with Croatia.Nitramia was annexe by Bavaria as Land Ostmähren, which ceased to exist in 1944. Nitramia joined in 1948 the Federal State of the Danube, rather than being under communism. In 1956, Danubia broke appart, which led to the Breakup of Danubia.

In 1968, Nitramia was officially recognized, however it was occupied by communists in 1969. In 1975, the communist regime has fallen, and king Vladimír III. Pribinovič was crowned king.

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