The Niru (Arctocyonifelis Ferox) is a predator endemic to Subarctica. It is notable for having both Feline, Canine and Ursine features. Massive and heavily built with enlarged and sharp canine teeth, its skull is elongated and tapers down to its snout. It's ears are triangular with long tufts. It walks in a plantigrade fashion not unlike a bear and often hunts in small packs. The coat is a tawny brown with black spots covering their face and back.

Physical Description

A massive carnivore. It has a long wolflike tail, a face vaguely reminiscent of a feline with a snout similar to a dog. Its small catlike ears are black, triangular and tufted which they use to help hearing prey as well as social communication. Its body is heavily built and its legs muscular. Its feet are plantigrade and its claws are retractable. Often Niru's grow a small ruff around its cheeks and neck and as they age the hair on their chin and eyebrows turn grey. 

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