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The "Ninety-Year War" started when Spain was occupied and dismembered in the third French Republican War. The Spaniards wouldn't accept the new order and fought a prolonged guerrilla war to regain independence. No French government, neither democratically elected nor with temporary dictatorial powers, could escape the vicious circle of uprisings that took its toll on the young men of France, which led to cries for revenge that no politician could afford to disdain, which would only lead to more uprisings of the proud Spaniards, going on until both France and Spain had wasted all their power.


1801: After anti-French uprisings in Andalusia, Britain and Morocco attempt a landing in Spain, which the French still defeat.

1810: Britain tries again to support an anti-French uprising in Asturia, which the French suppress again.


Help came finally from an unexpected side. Emperor Ludovico of New Rome had seen that both France and Spain had wasted their manpower. Thus, he made three French-Roman Wars, during which the whole Iberian peninsula was liberated from France - and became part of the New Roman empire instead. The Monteleón dynasty was allowed to return, however.

In 1887, the war ended after France retreated from the last areas it held on the Iberian peninsula.

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