Nils Skarvik (born January 5, 1955) is the current Marshal of France, serving in that capacity since February of 2011 when he was chosen to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was elevated to State Minister of France upon the dismissal of Dimitri Woolles. Prior to this, he served on the General Staff of the French Empire as a representative of the Grand Army. Skarvik, born and raised in Stockholm, is the first Marshal of France to be a native of the Department of Scandinavia. He is also the youngest Marshal of France in nearly a century. Having fought in Algeria in 1980 as well as Vietnam and Siam in the 1980s and early 1990s, he has extensive combat experience, a likely factor in his nomination and approval by Schwarzenegger and Emperor Maurice Napoleon II as Marshal of France. He was chosen over favored Paul Bonaparte, a cousin of the Emperor, making his selection a surprise. He will be eligible to serve until his required retirement date of January 5, 2020, his 65th birthday and the mandatory retirement age of French military personnel.

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