Night of the Long Sticks
Part of the Conspiracy against the Prime Minister Harold Wilson
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British Paratroopers interrogate Government Employees on

the whereabouts of Harold Wilson.

Date June 9 1974 - June 13 1974
Location London, United Kingdom
Result Successful overthrow of Harold Wilson

Beginning of Conservative Interim

Authority (1974 - 1976)

British relations with the EEC Suspended


United Kingdom Expelled from NATO.

Dissolution of the Commonwealth.

UN names the United Kingdom a

"Rogue Nation"

China Seizes Hong Kong.

British Armed Forces



Wilson Loyalists

Royal Navy

Republic of Ireland



New Zealand

Commanders and leaders
Michael Hanley

William Whitelaw

Margaret Thatcher

Elizabeth II

James Callaghan (Acting

Later executed)

Harold Wilson (Executed)

Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh

Gough Whitlam

Pierre Trudeau

Robert Muldoon

12,000 Paratroopers

3,400 SAS Troopers

96 Armored Cars

24 Centurion MBT's

3,469 Royal Marines

14,853 Police

12 Helicopters

23 Artillery Pieces

600 Machine Guns

Casualties and losses
45 Killed

74 Wounded

12 Captured

167 Killed

340 Wounded

68 Captured

Night of the Long Sticks

Edward Heath's Government 1970 - 1973

Known as the "Night of the Long sticks", this was a Coup against the Labour Party led by the Prime Minister Harold Wilson, since the devaluation of the British Pound in 1967 the United Kingdom's economic prospects looked grim, the rise of Unemployment to One Million in 1972 during the Heath Government resulted in rolling strikes across the United Kingdom along with violent "Flying Pickets". Edward Heath the British Prime Minister eventually negotiated with the Unions but the damaged to public relations was enormous, this coupled with an increase in terrorism in Northern Ireland caused serious alarm in the Conservative Establishment. Discussions of removal began to surface within the Tory Upper-class about the future of the Country. In January 1973 a election was proposed as a Motion of no confidence had forced the Conservative's to act a new leader had been maneuvered into the position of Power Louis Mountbatten to many represented the worst of the Tory Leadership an upper class Neo-Conservative. In the Election of 1973 Harold Wilson won by a electoral landslide winning over 18 million votes.

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