1865, April 14: In Ford's theater, the Lincolns and Grants both watched the humorous play Our American Cousin, with luck both Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Lincoln where convinced to put aside their differences to watch the play together. This night, unfortunately, would as the worst assassinations of important political figures in the United States and the result would be more violence and division in America. The assassinations began right after Asa Trenchard (played by Harry Hawk) would say one of his lines "Don't know the manners of good society, eh? Wal I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal --- you sockdologizing old man-trap" Laughter flooded the theater while John Wilkes Booth walked behind the two families watching the play and shot Abraham Lincoln and then stabbed Ulysses S. Grant with a knife, fatally wounding Lincoln and killing Grant instantly. The wives of the two men screamed and very soon Wilkes made his escape, resisting capture by the audience and escaped with his horse; he began his trip to Baltimore, where he would meet his men. A little bit before Lincoln and Grants assassination, Louis Powell, one of Booths men successfully killed Secretary of State William H. Seward but he lost his mind in the process and soon he rode off, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, George Atzerotd accomplished his objective as well, easily killing Vice President Andrew Johnson without alerting anyone and he soon went off to Baltimore as the rest of Booths men. At 10:44 P.M. Everyone except Powell where present at the Knights of the Golden Circle hideout, there Booth addressed his men telling them that they had struck the blow to the Yankees that would result in a nation free to itself and the continuation of slavery. The United States was shocked by the series of assassination which had simply destroyed a fraction of their leadership and left them with no president to take command, morale in the army reached a very low level and throughout occupied Confederate territory camp riots, massive raids by partisans, and humiliation of Union troops in Confederate towns (techniques such as feathering, torture, an simple brutality would overcome the soldiers.) I promise you, I will continue this TL!! All I can say now is goodnight ALTHW and its wonderful users of this great site.

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