The Nigerian Liberation Army (NLA) is a separatist group located in the between the borders of Nigeria and Chad, provinces of the United African Federation (UAF). Though the group was started as a nationalist movement, the organization has now become a hostile rebel group that is notorious for raiding cities and violently clashing with both UAF civilians and troops.


There had been many resistance movements created after the formation of the UAF.

However, a large majority were brutally disbanded by the government as being labelled "underground societies", and its members imprisoned or executed by Federal Security.

The NLA was created by a Nigerian engineering student of the University of Abuja, with a goal of re-establishing Nigerian independence, he was killed in the 1986 Lagos protest by riot police, his information was never disclosed by the original members.

Although the group was not the most powerful movement in Nigeria, the United States saw the group as a potential ally in separating the country from the UAF, and invested heavily in group by supplying funding and arms. With the aid from the U.S, the NLA quickly rose as a forced to be reckoned with in the West African country.

In February 23, 1991, the NLA was able to secure the unregulated province of Yobe, though initial response from the locals were positive for an authority to end the anarchy that plagues the province, a radical division of the NLA systematically killed "undesirables" such as Arabs, whom they considered to be "enemies of Nigeria". The killing of Arabic civilians sparked outrage between the organization, and the NLA fractionalized into many sections, but all under the name of the NLA.

The UFA was unable to reclaim Yobe, as it could not mobilize enough forces to deal with the rebels, and in November 12, 1991, the UFA officially considered Yobe to be an autonomous region, masking the obvious reason that they can not control the area.

Ever since, the NLA has taken absolute control of Yobe, and the region is considered the most dangerous regions in Africa.

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