Republic of Niger
République du Niger

Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Niger (minus Tillabéri, Dosso, Niamey and portions of Tahoua and Agadez)
Flag of Niger 5!3
Niger (Alternity)
Location of Niger
Capital Tahoua
Largest city Zinder
Other cities Agadez, Maradi, Arlit
Language French
Demonym Nigerien
Government Multi-party democratic
  legislature National Assembly
President Mahamane Ousmane
Prime Minister Amadou Cheiffou
Population 10,670,000 
Established 1993
(Current constitution)
Independence from France
  declared August 1970
  recognized August 1970
Currency Nigerien franc
Time Zone UTC+1 (WAT)
Internet TLD .ne
Organizations League of Nations
African Union

Niger, officially the Republic of Niger (French: République du Niger) is a nation located in western/Saharan Africa, and named after the Niger River. A population of 10.67 million makes Niger the fourteenth-largest nation in Africa, but it is also one of the poorest-developed nations in the world. Niger shares borders with Equatoria to the east, Nigeria to the south, Upper Volta and Mali to the west and French Algeria and Italian Libya to the north.

After achieving independence from France in August 1970, Niger faced constant internal strife, with as many as three constitutions and a military regime passing as governments. Since 1993, however, a multi-party democratic system under the Nigerien Third Republic has been attempting to ease domestic tension and institute much greater personal liberties than prior regimes. Despite this, Niger is classified as a developing country, one that still faces serious challenges on its' path to stability.



The Diori Presidency (1970-1977)

Coup of 1977 (1977)

Military Rule (1977-1987)

Saibou's Reforms (1987-1990)

Transitional period (1990-1993)

The Third Republic is born (1993)

Modern Times (1993-present)





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International Relations


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