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Nicomedian Empire (Thriving West Rome)

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Nicomedian Empire
Timeline: Thriving West Rome
Preceded by 840-1200 Succeeded by
East Roman Empire East Roman Empire
No flag No coa
Flag of Nicomedian Empire Coat of Arms of Nicomedian Empire
Nicomedian Empire in 840 AD
Capital: Nicomedia
Other cities: Ancrya
Language: Greek
Religion: Orthodoxy
Ethnic groups:
  other: Armenian
Type of government: Autocratic Monarchy
The Nicomedian Empire was one of the East Roman successor states, it was based around the city of Nicomedia, which was the most heavily fortified city in the world. The successor states ushered in a new era of Greco-Roman dominance in the east, similar to the Diadochi and the Hellenistic period. The successor states ushered in the East Roman age.

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