Nicole Zofia
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Nicole Zofia mid 1980's

Born: May 24 1945 (age 66)

Falco, New York


Veronica Smith (1945 - 1963)

Sara Heart (1963 - 1977)

Nicole Zofia (1977 - present)

Nationality: American
Political party: Republican

Christoph Kapner (1965 - 1966)

Carlos Menedez (1967 - 1968)

Jean Claude Follet (1970 - 1971)

Alex Mextor (1979 - 1984)

Children: Trinity
Alma mater: University of Beaufort
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress, Businesswoman, Writer
Religion: Church of America

Veronica Smith was born in 1945 to a single mother in Falco, New York. Her father was killed on active service in China two months before she was born. She had an average childhood and did not do particularly well at school. However, she found her talent in music. She began having singing lessons in 1957 and in 1959 was given a grant to enter the Schumacher College of Performing Arts. She exceeded expectations and was found to have a marvellous singing voice.

In 1961 she left the college and formed her own pop group "the exceptions" with several other graduates from the college. However, after 18 months the group had little success so Veronica went solo. She changed her name to the more appealing Sara Heart and in March 1963 she recorded her first album and soon became well known. She began a cross USA tour in November 1963 and was able to fill several 6000 seat theatres. Her success continued into 1964 and by 1965 she was the biggest female solo artist in the country. It was in that year she married record producer and multi-millionaire Christoph Kapner but the marriage didn't last and they were divorced a year later.

In 1966 she gave her modelling debut by appearing semi nude in Buck magazine, later that year she gave her first european performance and nearly caused a riot at the Irish National Hall. On her return to the US she appeared in the musical Remember me alongside Elvis Presley and Carlos Menedez, the latter she briefly married shortly after the film was released. She released two more albums the following year. However, these were regarded as flops compared to her earlier work and she left from the music business in 1968 and entered semi-retirement in Los Angeles at the age of 23.

She reentered the public eye in 1973 with a modelling contract with playboy magazine and won the US female modelling award of the year. In 1975 she appeared in the tv series Settlelburg for 15 episodes as Mack's (the main character) girlfriend. She also appeared in the Rex Strong film Sabrina as the title role, this is credited with being the big breakthrough.

In 1977 she relaunched herself as the Nicole Zofia we all know today. In January that year she changed her name to Nicole Zofia and released five albums in five weeks. She shot to the top of the music charts and took second, third, fourth and fifth places as well. In March she announced a cross USA tour, including over 80 performances at 67 venues. She spent the rest of the year conducting her tour. Following this she launched another modelling campaign and appeared in all five of the US' best selling magazines.

However, it was her work in the 80's and 90's we all remember her for.


Year Album Genre Name Charts #
1963 Coming Home Rock Sara Heart 4
1964 Love, Love, Love Rock Sara Heart 3
1967 Bibowacha Rock Sara Heart 16
1967 Apple Pie Rock Sara Heart 38
1977 Bringing him home Hip Pop Nicole Zofia 4
1977 Kissin' in the Rain Hip Pop Nicole Zofia 2
1977 Happy Sounds Hip Pop Nicole Zofia 5
1977 Zeeebo Hip Pop Nicole Zofia 3
1977 Chugger Hip Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1979 Farewell Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1982 Let's Get Physical Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1984 Jakamoto Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1986 Final Countdown Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1988 You took away my heart Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1990 Shut up and Chew Mod Pop Nicole Zofia 1
1994 Exo Skeleton Techno Nicole Zofia 1
1995 Vido Techno Nicole Zofia 1
1996 Nicole Zofia: All the hits Various Nicole Zofia 1


Year Film Part
1966 Remember Me Louise
1975 Settleburg Jess (15 episodes)
1975 Sabrina Sabrina
1978 Star Trek: Turn of Tides Lt Xenda
1978 Marilyn Marilyn
1979 Dr Mous goes to town Herself (cameo)
1980 Star Trek: Battle for Doegtetza Lt Xenda
1986 Cher and Mike Cher
1995 Star Trek: Reborn Capt Xenda (48 episodes)
1995 Settleburg Jess (3 episodes)

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