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Nick Griffin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Fourth World War

Nick Griffin
Timeline: The Hammer, The Sickle, The Earth

Prime Minister
March 16th, 2003 - April 14th, 2008

Born March 1, 1959
Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Died April 14th, 2008
Political Party British National Party
Profession Politician

Nicholas John Griffin was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2003 to 2008, elected in circumstances of great fear of Communism in Great Britain, becoming the first Prime Minister from the British National Party. Griffin's election reflected a rising fear of Communism throughout the Western World, as the Soviet Union had recently invaded the Middle East.

In 2004, the Confederate States of America under President Mike Huckabee went to war with the Soviet Union after a Soviet declaration of war after two Confederate troops, apparently acting without approval from the Confederate Government, rigged a Soviet base in Cairo with explosives, and destroyed the base. In Richmond, Huckabee appealed to the Western World to fight the Soviet Union, to "Reclaim our civilization's rightful place in world affairs." Griffin sympathized with this view, and declared war. The RAF began bombing Soviet-held Germany, and hosted Confederate troops in bases in England. Soon, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece all declared war, as did many Post Union States.

Under Griffin, the United Kingdom experienced a gradual closing of borders, with far stricter immigration laws. The authority of the Queen, Elizabeth II, was also decreased. Parliament was gradually made secondary to the Prime Minister himself as the Fourth World War dragged on, and made many crucial British decisions himself.

Griffin was a staunch ally of Confederate President Huckabee, whom he agreed with in many points of policy. In discussing Confederate-British friendship in a press conference, Griffin said:

"In many ways, the Confederate States is the other country referred to in the great hymn, "I vow to thee, My Country". They are a pure, wholesome nation based on peaceful Christian values, and were driven to war only because of Soviet aggression. This is a nation we must emulate."

To show his solidarity with the Confederate States, Griffith launched an atomic bomb on Murmansk after the Soviet nuclear bombing of Tampa, As the war in Europe slowly fell in favor of the Soviet Union after Allied victories in Berlin and Warsaw, Griffin became increasingly paranoid as time went on .The SIS began investigating several prominent antiwar activists, and had many arrested.

In 2008, after the fall of France to the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union called on Britain to surrender. Griffiin remained resolute, however, and bombed Soviet-held Alsace in response. The Soviet Union, tired of Griffin's determination, used the Nuclear Bomb on London, killing Griffin and most of Parliament.