Nicholas I of Opavia
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

1st Duke of Opavia
? – 1318

Successor Nicholas II
Born 1255
Died November 19, 1318
Religion Catholic
Nicholas I of Bohemia / Nicholas I of Opavia was illegitimate son of Premysl Otakar II of Bohemia by his lover Agnes of Kuering. Born some time around 1255, since illegitimate he didn't had rights to the throne and was given the Duchy of Opavia instead. After Battle on the Marchfeld he spend two years in Hungarian prison. During 1306 Poland - Bohemian War he used that Wenceslaus III (his half-nephew) wasn't around and resurrected his title of Opavian duke. He was temporary king of Bohemia but for only one day, then it was given to Henry of Carinthia. He had one son Nicholas II of Bohemia who succeeded him in 1318 after his death.