Nicholas I
Nicholas II.jpg
Nicholas I
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 14 November 1893 - 17 October 1934
Coronation 25 December 1893
Predecessor Michael II
Successor Alexander I
Spouse Aleksandra Ivanovna
Issue Alexander I
Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevitch
Grand Duchess Feodora Nikolayevna
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolayevna
Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevitch
Full name
Nikolai Mikhailovitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Michael II
Mother Anastasia Feodorovna Tolstoy
Born 3 July 1857
Aleksandrgrad, Alaska
Died 17 October 1934
Sitka, Alaska
Burial 20 October 1934

Nicholas I of Alaska (3 July 1857 - 17 October 1934) was the fourth Tsar of Alaska and the second member of the Dmitrov dynasty that came to power in the 1887 Dmitrov coup, and is the longest-reigning Emperor of Alaska in history, being coronated upon his father Michael II's death in 1893 and reigning until his death in 1934 at the age of 77. While Alaska's longest-interred monarch, Nicholas I's reign was marred by his inability to control his ambitious Premier Boris Anasenko, his muddled handling of the Pacific War, his near-genocidal policies against the Tlingits, the violent suppression of political unrest, anti-Semitic policies resulting in an exodus of Alaskan Jews to the United States, and his trouble avoiding rampant corruption throughout the nation. His reactionary and incompetent rule is credited with the formation of the Duma in 1914, the granting of suffrage to all male Alaskans in 1920 and the passage of the Constitution of Alaska in 1926.

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