399px-Nicholas II of Russia painted by Earnest Lipgart
Nicholas II
(18 May, 1868 - 23 December, 1943) was the last Tzar (Emperor) of Russia. He ruled for less than three years, from 1894 to his resigning in early 1897.

Tzar Nicholas was the most skeptical and most reluctant concerning the visitors and their intentions of nurse maiding humanity. A brash 28-year-old man, governing a large undeveloped country, he was initially against the aliens' interventions.

In January, 1897, along with his ally, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, Nicholas attempted a redemption against the extra-terrestrials. He claimed to have taken all Visitor delegacy members in Russia as hostages, and marched the joint Russian-Austrian armies against their ships. In retaliation, the aliens exploded a bomb over several major Austrian and Russian cities, making all life there rendered lifeless for two hours. They made a threat of exploding another bomb, this time wiping out all life permanently, unless Nicholas and his armies surrender.

Having no other choice against the superior powers, the Tzar and his allies surrendered. Consequently, Nicholas resigned from the throne, and the free Republic of Russia was founded.