Nikola II Petrović-Njegoš
Nicholas II Petrović Njegoš and Dejan Stojanovic (cropped).jpg
Reign 24 March 1986 - present
Coronation 24 March 1986
Predecessor Michael of Montenegro
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Francine of Montenegro
Born 7 July 1944
Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem, France Flag of France
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy

Nicholas II is the current monarch of Montenegro, reigning from his father, Michael's death to the present day. He never has had any power over the actual territory of Montenegro, as his reign is entirely after the Serbian-Montegrin Constitutional Revolution, which forced the monarchs of Serbia and Montenegro. Despite this, he is loved across Montenegro, and during his reign the region's government has recognized the duty of the house of Petrović-Njegoš's to promote Montenegrin identity, culture, and traditions.

His political views are predominantly in the center, with him supporting policies of both the left and the right. He also greatly influences the supporters of the Montenegrin Monarchic Party; due to their wanting to bring back a sovereign Montenegro under the absolute control over the House of Petrović-Njegoš. As such, Nicholas has some influence over the Montenegrin elections, mostly due to his influence over monarchists. His successor is confirmed to be his son, Boris of Montenegro.


Nicholas's reign hasn't been very eventful in terms of the overall history of Montenegro. On 24 March 1986, Nicholas became King of Montenegro upon the death of his father, Michael. Unlike his predecessors, he took the title of simply "King", instead of "Royal Highness", which had been used by his predecessors. During his reign, the Montenegrin Monarchic Party was founded, though despite being king, he opposed the party's ideals. He supports the incorporation of Vojvodina into Serbia and Montenegro started. The Kosovar Rebellion started during his reign; he opposes the idea of Kosovar sovereignty or the idea of the province being annexed into Albania.

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