Nicholas II
Nikolai II.jpg
Nicholas II
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 1 April 1991 - 20 May 2011
Coronation 23 April 1991
Predecessor Alexander III
Successor Nicholas III
Spouse Alexandra Feodorovna
Issue Nicholas III
Princess Katerina Nikolayevna
Full name
Nikolai Aleksandreyevitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Alexander II
Mother Feodora Feodorovna
Born 16 July 1939
Severovsky Castle, Severovsky, Alaska
Died 20 May 2011
Sitka, Alaska
Burial 23 May 2011

Nikolai Aleksandreyevitch Dmitrov (Russ: Николэй Александреиевич Дмайтров) (born July 16, 1939 - died May 20, 2011), better known by his regnal name Nikolai II, or in the West as Nicholas II, was the Tsar of Alaska from 1991, when his father's cousin Alexander III abdicated to expediate a political revolution, until his death on the 20 May, 2011.

Nicholas reigned over a period of rapid liberalization in Alaska and an expansion of access to and transparency within its democracy, which was notoriously corrupt in the preceding years. Constitutional reforms in the 1990's severely cut back the power his predecessors enjoyed, making Nicholas II the weakest Tsar in terms of direct power.

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