Nicholas III
Nicholas III
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 20 May 2011 - Present
Coronation 25 August 2011
Predecessor Nicholas II
Spouse Anna Ivanovna
Issue Crown Prince Konstantin Nikolayevitch
Princess Katya Nikolaevna
Prince Mikhail Nikolayevitch
Full name
Nikolai Nikolayevitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Nicholas II
Mother Alexandra Feodorovna Gossudarenkova
Born 18 June 1970
Sitka, Alaska

Nicholas III (Russ: Nikolay III, Nikolay Nikolayevitch Dmitrov) (born June 18 1970) is the current Tsar of Alaska, becoming Tsar upon his father's death on May 20, 2011 and his coronation on August 25. Nicholas III will be the first Tsar coronated under the amended and reformed 1994 Constitution of Alaska, which stripped the Tsar of most of his direct power. Nicholas III, prior to his coronation, was a leading global advocate for clean energy initiatives, preventing global climate change, free trade and aid to third world countries, a role he is expected to continue as a figurehead Tsar.

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