Nicholas Bagrationi
Νικόλαος βαγριατονι
Timeline: Great Empires

Prince Nikolaos
Prince Nicholas

Crown prince of the Roman Empire
26 February 2013 –

Predecessor Helena Bagrationi
Successor Marcos Bagrationi

Regent of the Roman Empire
7 May 2013 – 12 June 2013

Predecessor Title last held by Anna, the Empress consort
Born 4 April 1997
Athens, Roman Empire
Full name Nikolaos IV Alexandros Bagrationi Nikopoulos
Significant other Princess Lena Carolingia
House Angelos-Bagrationi Dynasty
Father Alexander Nikopoulos
Mother Sophia-Theodora Bagrationi
Religion Roman Catholicism

Prince Nikolaos (English: Nicholas) Bagrationi is the current heir apparent and crown prince of the Roman Empire . He is the son of Empress Sophia and her deceased husband, Alexander Nikopoulos.


Early life

Nicholas Bagrationi Nikopoulos was born on 4 April 1997 as the son of the missing Princess Sophia and her husband Alexander Nikopoulos. Princess Sophia had left Rome against the wishes of her parents and never returned, instead deciding to renounce her former life as princess and heiress apparent. However in 2006, Sophia's father, the emperor fell gravely ill and she decided to take her family with her to Rome. Emperor Emmanuel II was happy to see his daughter and reinstated her as the heiress apparent. Upon his death in 2007, Sophia ascended the throne of the Roman Empire. Nicholas was not the heir apparent, his older sister Helena was, this did not seem to bother him. Nicholas was educated at a normal school with his sister, unlike their mother who was forced to attend the Imperial Academy of Rome.

Beijing Airport Disaster

On 2 January, while the Empress and her family were en route to Shanghai, China for a holiday. Their plane experienced technical difficulties and was forced to land at Beijing Airport, however the tail of the plane broke off due to bad construction methods of the airplane. The airplane started to descend at an alarming rate and the passengers panicked. The airplane crashed seconds later and crashed on the airport main terminal, penetrating the building and killing dozens of unsuspecting people. Most of the passengers were killed, including crown princess Helena; the Empress, and her son Nicholas were seriously injured. Her spouse Alexander and her mother, Anna ended up in coma. Alexander did not survive the accident and died while holding hands with his wife who was in the bed beside. The Empress and her son Nicholas fully recovered, but the Empress' mother, Anna is still in coma in the hospital of Beijing and cannot be transported. 

Heir apparent

Nicholas was devastated by the death of his father and sister and was inconsolable, as was his mother. Due to this unexpected event, Nicholas was suddenly named heir apparent of the empire. His father and sister were buried under the Hagia Sophia in a funeral which was attended by hundreds of thousands of people.  On 7 May, Empress Sophia appointed Nicholas regent of the empire as she suffered from a stroke. This made Nicholas the youngest regent in the history of the empire. On 2 June Empress Sophia resumed leadership over the empire. Nicholas is now prepared to become the future emperor of the Roman Empire.

Personal life

Outside of his public life, Nicholas has a partly revealed private life. He loves skateboarding and karate as well as badminton. He is dating Princess Lena of Germany. He is good friends with Princess Sophie of the Germany and the two frequently visit each other. He speaks fluent English, Latin, Greek and Italian and some Georgian.


Through his father, Nicholas is the 79th generation descendant of Alexander the Great, as proven by DNA tests conducted on him and his father. Through his mother is he the 28th generation descendant of Tamar the Great, who refounded the Roman Empire.


  • 4 April 1997 - 26 February 2013: His Imperial Highness Prince Nikolaos Bagrationi
  • 26 February 2013 - 7 May 2013: His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nikolaos Bagrationi
  • 7 May 2013 - 2 June 2013: His Imperial Majesty Prince Regent Nikolaos Bagrationi
  • 2 June 2013 - 20 September 2013: His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Nikolaos Bagrationi