In 1250, emperor Kubuji Tei, of China, founded the Qiaofu Empire (Nialara) in China. In 1266, Tei's empire took over Cambodia and called it Congruji. In 1270, the 1st Nialaran War began- China vs. Cambodia. Cambodia wanted independence from China. In 1278, after the Battle of Kilai Gao on Hong Kong, Tei fled. Zungfu Aolo Pai was the new emperor of Nialara. In 1290, Tei returned and killed Zungfu and Zungfu's son Wurai Menggu Yon Pai. The 2nd Nialaran War ended with the Battle of Innai in 1294, Tei's death, and Kibarao Zu Tsen, a new empire. In 1303, Kibarao surrendered and it was the end of Nialara.

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