This page is an archive of past news events, as published on the front page of Fascist Britain .


20th March

Flag of ScotlandScotland: The country is officially reunited. Some call it a step toward British unity, whilst others believe Scotland will stay independent permanently. The latter seems likely, mainly due to the strongly nationalist right, some of whom opposed the reunification because the Free State of Scotland was too left-wing.

16th March

Flag of RussiaRussia: Rioters disperse as the military engages with some "terrorists".

12th March

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland, Alba: Official polls (that were used by members of parliament)  released by the governments of each country reveal that 95% and 76% of people respectively voted in favour of reuniting.

11th March

Communist France FlagUFSS: Several anti-French protests in South England are put down, on what used to be Empire Day.

10th March

Flag of RussiaRussia: Riots break out in Moscow

9th March

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland: Leaders of both countries vote to hold referenda to unite the nation.

Communist France FlagUFSS: "Mission Jeanne d'Arc" is announced, an operation on the coast of England in case of civil break down.

3rd March

Flag of RussiaRussia: Protests begin in Moscow and St Petersburg against corruption in the regime. They look likely to escalate.

1st March

800px-Flag of Wessex.svgWessex: French is approved as a mandatory second language in schools. Most people know it already, as the country relies heavily on trading with France.

Communist France FlagUFSS: The Wallonian movement suffers a blow as several key leaders are arrested for unrelated incidents.

28th February

Flag of the German EmpireGermany: The Kaiser announces a state visit to Poland.

18th February

Flag of the German EmpireGermany: A leading member of the fringe NSDAP party is arrested for use of amphetamines.

6th February

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland: A timetable is approved for reunition. The two countries will officially unite on the 20th March, although the de facto process will take longer.

5th February

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland: Members of each country's parliament, representing the views of their constituents, vote to reunite the nation.

2nd February

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland: Talks progress well and it seems many people are behind reuniting the nation. However, the strongly nationalist right refuse to allow some left wing policies.

1st February

Flag of ScotlandFree State of Scotland: Talks are held for the possibility of a compromise between the Free State of Scotland and Alba, both of whom have been opposed to each other since separation.

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