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August 18 - Game of the Round  40px-Fremantledocks vs Melbourne Demons Jumper - Today, 15th placed Melbourne managed to overcome the impossible with a massive 47 point win over the 4th place Fremantle. This heroic struggle by the young Demons have propelled them to 14th and shifted the top four, with Sydney now occupying 4th position. With only two round to go, Fremantle need to dig deep next week to overcome the 7th placed Port Adelaide.

July 22 - Game of the Round 40px-Richmond Tigers Jumper.svg vs 40px-Collingwood Magpies Jumper.svg - Perhaps the most important game of the round, on Saturday Richmond hosted Collingwood in an all out brawl at the MCG, with an even more important outcome; Richmond winning gets them two games ahead of the second placed Carlton. With this in mind, the Richmond boys managed to overcome Collingwood with an emphatic 15.11 (101) to 8.16 (64) victory. This solidifies Richmond spot as the top predator, as the hunt for the minor premiership is all but over for the other teams.

15 July - Schimmelbusch Sacked 40px-Western Bulldogs Jumper.svg - After losing in perhaps the most important game in his coaching career, Wayne Schimmelbusch has fallen from the Bulldogs' grace. Today, the Bulldogs coach, alongside Peter Gordon, appeared in front of reporters to disclose a not-so startling announcement; Wayne Schimmelbusch has been sacked. The news come after weeks of confrontation between the Bulldogs Chairman, the Assistant Coach Brad Johnson, and the coach himself, and it ends today with Brad Johnson assuming his place as head coach, for the time being that is.

12 July - They all Fall Down 40px-Richmond Tigers Jumper.svg - The top team has done it; with a final quarter blitz, the Richmond Tigers have managed to overcome Fremantle 9.13 (67) to 8.11 (59). Despite leading at 3 quarter time by 10 points, it was the ladder leading Richmond who managed to overcome the persistent Fremantle to win their 13 game in a row, and continue the push for their third Grand Final appearance in a row. Meanwhile, today, there are a number of major games to be played, but the one many footy spectators will be looking at is the Bulldogs/Melbourne game. If either of these teams loses, it will have a major impact on their entire future. Wayne Schimmelbusch is at the end of the line, and if he doesn't win this game, it would most likely result in his sacking.

11 July - No Margin for Error 40px-Western Bulldogs Jumper.svg - With time running out for the Western Bulldogs coach Wayne Schimmelbusch, many sports commentators have suggested that the Bulldogs Chairman, Peter Gordon, may have hinted that if Schimmelbusch is to keep his job, he must win the upcoming game against Melbourne. This has led many to speculate if the coach will be fired, especially after last weeks 103 point loss to Richmond, and tensions are rising between much of the coaching staff, mostly between Schimmelbusch himself and his Assistant Coach Brad Johnson, who is rumoured to be ready to perform a coup in the club.

11 July - In the mix for Round 16 40px-Richmond Tigers Jumper.svg vs 40px-Fremantledocks - All the footballing news this week has turned to a important game between two of the leagues leading sides; the top of the table Richmond Tigers, followed by the 3rd placed Fremantle this Friday night. With their sights on a top 4 finish at the end of the season. Richmond finished the season last year just squeezing into the top 8, whilst Fremantle managed to become runner up against their arch-rivals West Coast. With only percentage between the teams, this game will be an incredibly important match that will either see Fremantle jump to the top of the ladder, or fall out of the 4.

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