Asian Earth News

Here you will find news of whats happening in the Asian Earth:


  • The team of Germany wins 3-1 against China in the Egypt World Cup 2010.
  • The English Petroleum Company caused accidental oil dump into the Gulf of New Pyonang
  • Typhoon Kuan-Yin left the Philippine South-East coast totally devastated


  • The Union of Nations proposed a non-military expedition trip to bring supplies to the people in Philippines who still suffer from that massive typhoon that struck last month in Philippines.
  • The Spanish declare that Armenian terrorists are planning an atempt in Spain, and they highly protect the country, all Armenians are to be checked before entering or exiting the country.

Asian Earth Community News

Here you can find news of what's new in Asian Earth.If you make an article or start a project for Asian Earth, please write here, and sign with your name.

  • Welcome to Asian Earth.

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