Right to bear arms

June 25, 2015

Russian hunter

Viktor with his smooth-bore rifle

- Today a rural Russian shot four Muslim radicals who forcefully entered his home. Viktor Derevoev, who lives in the rural Russian city of Alyokhnovo in the Moscow Oblast, woke up at 5:00 AM to loud banging noises, and a couple gun-shots. 

The father of three children, as well as a veteran of the Soviet Armed Forces, Viktor grabbed his loaded shotgun from his closet, shooting each of the four radicals as they tried to race up the stairs to his room, killing one, armed with an illegally-owned pistol, and injuring the other three who were armed with axes and machetes. 

Viktor, a long-time shooter had owned his shotgun originally for hunting. In 2011, he rejoiced as Russian news media outlets announced the government's decision to legalize self-defense with a firearm.

Now that purpose has come to fruition. 

The four men were identified as Mahmoud Sultanov, Abdullah Islamovich, Dzhokar Imranov and Zahir Bashirovich. The Russian National Federal Police recovered an illegally-owned and half-loaded Makarov pistol from the hands of Zahir Bashirovich. 

The Makarov pistol was traced back to a fallen security officer, that evidently had been killed by Bashirovich. Each of
Hunting in russia by solidalexei-d33oi30

Viktor's 18-year old son Miroslav with a scoped rifle

the men were Chechen nationalists. 

During an interview with the police, Derevoev said, "If Muslims want a fucking state with Shariah Law as the legislature, they can go move to a country where it is, surely Russia isn't one of these countries. They can go fuck their goats elsewhere. I won't be afraid to stick a bullet in a single one of their throats, if they dare try to invade my property."

Ivan Zeleny, the leader of the police squad that was called to retrieve and identify the bodies said, "You'd have to be pretty stupid to try to invade an armed rural man's property, especially if you're a dumb jihadi-fucker."

After shooting the armed intruders, Viktor interrogated them, tied their hands and kept them in his garage for the police to come and interrogate themselves. Viktor is also an avid hunter, and enjoys hunting wild game, which his wife then butchers and cooks for the family. His wife, Marina, is also a gun-owner and holds a Public Carry Permit, which allows citizens to carry loaded firearms in the public.

Currently, Russia's gun laws are fairly strict, but the legal status of self-defense is at a satisfactory level. Out of a population of more than 100,000,000 there are approximately 40,000,000 privately-owned firearms, a huge sky-rocket in contrast to 2,000,000-owned firearms from a 2007 estimate. Russia has seen itself loosening its gun laws ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Russia, along with Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine have the highest rates of gun-ownership of Eastern Europe, with Russia placing third in that list. 

Muslims activists, not only in Russia but also of worldwide, are already beginning with their accusations of "Islamophobia" against not only Viktor, but of Russia and for stricter gun control in Russia. 

Mariam Uygurova, the Head of the Organization of Islamic Affairs in Russia accused Viktor and Ivan of being racists and Islamophobes. 

She said, "This is a perfect of the rampant racism against Muslims here in Russia, and how bad it is. Shame on both of these individuals for persecuting Muslims."

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