Right to bear arms

June 28, 2015

Filipino muslims

Filipino Muslims celebrate Sancho's exit from politics

- So Sancho Abelló y Terrazas has announced that he is "done" with Philippine politics. The natives of Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago rejoiced.

According to Halima Abdullah, the leader of the Parti Kebangsaan Mindanao, a right-wing political enemy of the Conservative Party of the Philippines, "It's about time".

You see, the beef between Sancho and the Filipinos of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago go way beyond political issues, a deep history runs between Sancho and the people of the southern Philippines. Sancho served in the Philippine Armed Forces. 

He was deployed to Mindanao, which became his torture-playground. His hate and contempt for the Malay-influenced and predominantly Muslim-south has been well-documented. In 1971, he shot an unarmed Muslim which placed him in military prison.

In 1972, he opened fire on a group of Muslim students, and it was clear that he was out of control, since he killed his own colleague who was trying to stop him which got him not only 100 days of military arrest, but also put in a psych ward in the city of Cagayan de Oro.

The final straw was pulled in 1974, when he killed his commanding officer, and ordered his squad to bomb and destroy a mosque in Zamboanga City while people were inside praying - he was permanently discharged from the military, and banned from ever coming back.

Abdullah said, "The atrocities that Sancho committed against the peoples of Mindanao and Sulu were simply only a little less-worse than Ferdinand Marcos."

Though despite organizing a "town militia" to protect Filipino citizens from the tyrannical rule of Ferdinand Marcos, Sancho proved to be a tryrant himself, when he stated his support for total removal of all firearms from citizens' hands - under the fake claims that gun ownership was "un-Catholic". 

If one can't recall these words, "Gun ownership causes rebellion. We are taught, as obedient Christians to be faithful to our superiors. Citizens have no use for guns. Gun ownership is a Protestant and a Muslim tradition, which is nothing more than a product of rebellious scum like Martin Luther King, Jr and those Moro leaders".

Yet, let the record show that 3/5 of the Conservative Party actually supported firearms ownership. Self-defense with a firearm was a divided issue. 

Abdullah said, "Sancho is never welcome here in Mindanao. We, the Filipinos of Mindanao, Sulu and Sabah are very proud, and we will never allow people like Sancho to continue the Spanish Inquisition. The eliminating of our culture."

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