October 11, 2015


Nikko holds her head in pain, after being clothes lined by Maginoo

Nikki Bella's championship reign, and third-championship reign after defeating Charlotte has become unacceptable with the Divas Division, only that, even now, superstars that aren't Divas are beginning to show their frustration with WWE's constant favoring of Nikki Bella who enjoyed the status of a 301-day championship reign.

However, on Monday Night Raw, after Nikki enjoyed her victory against Paige (who started the Divas Revolution), her boasting and bragging and celebrating with Brie and Alicia Fox was cut short when Maginoo, who was commenting ringside with JBL and Michael Cole, proceeded to attack the Diva, putting her through a clothesline.

The attack sent the crowd into a frenzy, and recently, Maginoo has been having dissension with WWE and The Authority, mirroring CM Punk's situation that began in 2011 until he retired in 2014. The attack had shocked Brie and Alicia Fox, who stared in terror and disbelief as their champion lay, downed in the ring. The shock likely comes from the confusion, of whether the attack was scripted or "part of the plan". Evidently, it wasn't.

As Maginoo went to seemingly exit the arena, he paused for a minute, and sat cross-legged in front of the titantron, facing the ring - once more, mirroring what CM Punk did to John Cena shortly before Money in the Bank 2011 and even mimicking his words.

The trash-talking, exposing, whatever you call it, began in which Maginoo called Nikki the "biggest doofus in the Divas division", and that the only reason why WWE put her on top, is because was with John Cena and that of her looks. Here was his entire speech.

"You see Nikki, as you lie there in the ring, hopefully as painfully and uncomfortably as you possibly can be, I just

Nikki Bella can't believe what she's hearing!

want you to know, that there's a couple things - well, truths that I don't want but I need to get off my chest. You see, I despise you, I hate in just about every single way possible, but that's just me and that's not the point. You really wanna know why you're Divas champion? Wanna know why you were given 301 days to reign? And just like your ass-kissing boyfriend, get handed down, opportunity after opportunity after opportunity? It certainly ain't because you're talented, just like your hippie sister. It's because, other than your big tits, and as good of an ass-kisser as your boyfriend is to Vince, you are nothing more but a dick-sucker to Cena. Quite frankly, he can look, but he also touched, and now you have Cena in the palm of your hand."

Nikki, seemingly half-revived, used the ropes, as well as Brie and Alicia Fox's company, to get up and angrily give Maginoo the death stare, as he continued his tirade.

"You mad right? I can see you're mad, I'm glad you're mad, because you can't handle the truth. You think you're the longest reigning Divas champion? I beg to differ, but Trish Stratus is the longest-reigning Divas champion. You, are nothing more but a fucking phony, and not only that, you are the biggest doofus in the entire Divas division! Everybody knows, everybody knows Nikki, that you wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for your slave of a sister being your little bitch to cheat for you and help you win your fights. You tormented her day and night, and she helped you win a championship. You, like Vince and Stephanie, are the most disgusting pigs I've ever met. Hadn't it been for her, you wouldn't even be champion! You know why? Because it would probably be AJ Lee that Charlotte would have faced!" 

At this point, Nikki tried to proceed attacking Maginoo, only to be restrained by Brie and Alicia as he continued his long tirade, and promised her a loss at Hell in a Cell 2015 against either Charlotte, or his girlfriend, Maria Volkova.

"No, no guys, let her! Let her come at me, not like it'll take much to handle a feral animal, if you know what I mean? You see, come Hell in a Cell, you will leave here in tears. You will no longer be champion, because either Charlotte and Maria Volkova will become champion. Guess what? So will I, and when I defeat Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and if, just if Volkova beats your doofus ass at Hell in a Cell, we are going to leave the WWE with the championships."

At that point, the mic was cut, as the Bella twins wallowed around in the ring in tears. 

In the post-show interview, an emotional Nikki Bella, still distraught by what had just happened said, "I don't know how such a sick being could do such a thing. You see this!? (pointing to her belt), I'm the champion!"

Many people are pondering of whether the segment was scripted or not. But there are some hinters that it wasn't. The fact that the mic had to be cut, was a first sign. Also, Maginoo mentioned the WWe "giving Nikki Bella 301 days", remember that in real combat sports, people aren't "given" days to reign, they fight for them. But that's the truth of professional wrestling, Nikki was scripted to reign for 301 days, whether it was decided long before or WWE Creation Studios went along with each planned victory.

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