21st Century Crisis

October 31, 2015

LATAKKIA, NORTH SYRIA - Cities across the Kingdom of North Syria are conducting "mock-elections" (more like petty polls by research groups) over which candidate citizens are willing to see as the country's Prime Minister in 2016. The data collecton was completed by the Latakkia Research Center, located in the coastal city of Latakkia in western North Syria. The four choices were Muhsin el-Huseein of the Free Democratic Party, Razia bint Fahad of the Progressive Party, Mariah bint Halim of the Forward Party and Antonius Abdulsalim of the United Libertarian Party.

After the results were collected, Princess Razia of the Progressive Party led, at this point at least, is expected to come out victorious in next year's federal elections. 

Here were the results:

RAZIA BINT FAHAD (Progressive Party): 54%
MUHSIN EL-HUSSEIN (Free Democratic Party): 42%
ANTONIUS ABDULSALIM (United Libertarian Party): 2%
MARIAH BINT HALIM (Forward Party): 2%

Now, it is stressed that the federal elections may seem like a blue moon away, the Latakkia Research Center even discouraged making actual political predictions based on these results.

Fakir al-Shahir, who led the Latakkia Research Center said, "These are just results for now, obviously people shouldn't be jumping to petty conclusions for an election taking place an entire year from now. While many are either expecting Razia bint Fahad or Muhsin el-Hussein to win, you never know."

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