21st Century Crisis

October 31, 2015


Razia speaks in Aleppo

- A year from tomorrow, November 1, North Syria will be holding its 2nd federal elections to seat members into the Lower Court and elect a Prime Minister. Today, Princess Razia bint Fahad, the daughter of King Fahad and the leader of the Progressive Party who stated that she will be running in next year's election, spoke of several issues she plans to tackle as Prime Minister. She also attacked Muhsin el-Hussein and the Free Democratic Party for all the "issues" they caused.

Become one of the few women leaders of an Arab nation - Simply becoming a Prime Minister herself would be a big feat for women's rights. Women politicians haven't exactly had it the best in the Arab World, and certainly, a female Prime Minister of an Arab kingdom would be quite a change.

During her speech she said, "As an avid women's rights activist, becoming a Prime Minister itself would be a goal and a next step in women's rights."

The Princess also said that she will support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections in the United States, as the two have been close friends.

A fixed and centralized economy - Razia bint Fahad said that she planned to make a more fixed and centralized economy, to ensure economic equality for all North Syrian citizens.

She said, "It is extremely heart-breaking to see families on the streets, starving children, crying, knowing that they may not even live tomorrow. Me and my party's proposed policies will change that, and we will make it so that everybody can have a meal to eat and a home to live in. We need a centralized and fixed economy."

Razia stated that the taxes need to be higher, in order to spend for welfare causes.

Increase aid to nations in poverty - Razia bint Fahad also stated that North Syrians can "make a difference", and she would use increased taxes to fund other nations in poverty.

"Giving is better than receiving. We need to donate a lot of our money to nations in poverty and help them recover."

Ban all firearms ownership - Another promise of Razia bint Fahad, was to abolish Bill NS-35, and re-introduce the Peaceful Citizens Act which banned all firearms ownership.

"You know, when firearms were re-legalized, I was appalled, heartbroken, I couldn't sleep. I just could not believe that my father would allow us to make such an atrocious step-back. I mean, seriously, citizens have no use for guns, at all! Look at how much crime has risen in this once-great Kingdom, we can bring it back to its glory. I promise, if I'm elected as Prime Minister, I will re-introduce the Peaceful Citizens Act. Only the military and law enforcement should use firearms. We are to be a peaceful nation, what happened to those values? I will make sure all gun stores are shut down."

Severe ties with Russia - The current Prime Minister, Muhsin el-Hussein, has shown himself to be an avid supporter of Russia and their policies in the Middle East. Princess Razia hasn't had a good thing to say about Russia, accusing them of being dictators.

Razia says, "I will make the Russians pay for what they did. I can't believe that a cruel being like Muhsin el-Hussein would wanna have relations with those evil dictators." 

Place tough regulations on alcohol and tobacco - The Princess has also held a very vocal stance on alcohol and tobacco products, and says that she plans on placing restrictions.

She said, "Alcohol and tobacco are Satan, in consumable form. People die from that stuff, and as Prime Minister, I can't waste another life, losing another life to these deadly substances."

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