21st Century Crisis

October 31, 2015

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Today, Leonardo "Leo" Consul, who recently just joined, actually more of "re-joined" the cast of hosts of Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's third incarnation, a return to SCTV, took some time several interviewers about his return to Eat Bulaga! Indonesia, as well as to break silence as to what happened during his first stint, which lasted from 2012 to 2013. Consul, who is originally from the Philippines, has been living in Indonesia for quite some time now. 

He says that his fluency in Indonesian has drastically improved, and that he plans on becoming a citizen of Indonesia. 

"My fluency in Bahasa Indonesia has drastically improved. It's quite an experience, I can consider myself a polyglot. I can speak my native languages from the Philippines, the Tagalog language, my native Pangasinan language, English and now Bahasa Indonesia. I actually started my career here in Indonesia as an English-language teacher. I personally can say I love both countries."

When Consul joined Eat Bulaga! Indonesia, his story became an instant success sob-story in the Philippines, almost like a legend of a "rags to riches" situation. However in 2013, Leo Consul left the show, which left a sour taste with the rest of the hosts. Bianca Liza and some of the other female hosts were seen crying legit tears on-stage as they bid farewell to Consul, who unfortunately, couldn't be there to celebrate Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's first-year anniversary celebration at the Jakarta Indoor Tennis Stadium.

Bianca Liza as a matter of fact, is revealed to be in a relationship with Leo Consul, the way having shared a mutual passion for each other. 

Consul says, that he and Liza actually have a surprise to give. 

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