21st Century Crisis

November 18, 2015

ORILLIA, CANADA - Today, the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario, who has chosen to have his name says that he his hanging up his boots, as a member of the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program. A couple days, Kathleen Wynne was ridden of, chassed out of the Toronto capitol building by angry Ontarians, many of them being firearms advocates after "promising" to protect Muslim Canadians and "keep firearms out of Ontario".

Ontario currently has Canada's largest firearms owning population, however it has one of the nation's strictest gun laws. Unlike the near American-style gun laws that the western provinces get to enjoy among those, concealed-carry permits (known as "Authorization to Carry" permits), lifetime PALs, even the ability to legally shoot guns in their own farms, citizens of Ontario must go through lots of background checks, and don't get to enjoy ATCs which are never issued by the RCMP to regular citizens. They can only perform sport-shooting at an approved range.

Despite the passage of Bill C-42 or the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act, which finally made self-defence a legal reason for a PAL in all provinces, gun owners in Ontario are still subject to strict storage laws. 

Population is another key factor, Ontario is Canada's most populated province. Out of a population of approximately 16,500,000 people, there are 1,500,034 licensed firearms owners in the province. 

It is a common misconception that Kathleen Wynne is completely out of the picture, that is not completely true. She is still "officially" the Premier of Ontario, however, having angered a good 40% of Ontarians, it's probably safe to say that she isn't going to be Premier for long. 

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