21st Century Crisis

November 16, 2015

ALEPPO, NORTH SYRIA - Today, on November 16, 2015, Razia bint Fahad, Crown Princess and leader of the Progressive Party offered her comments and insight about a couple things, including the terrorist attacks on France and Canada, as well as the internet polls which have her favored to be the Prime Minister in 2016 if they are accurate.

The Latakkia Research Center conducted a "mock elections", and Razia bint Fahad led the polls at 55%, while Muhsin el-Hussein had a 40% vote, and others voted for either the Forward Party (considered an ally of the Progressive Party) and the United Libertarian Party.

One of the first things Princess Razia did was offer her condolences to those victims of the ISIS attacks on France and Canada. She said, "It is clear at this point that the so-called Islamic State is anything but Islamic. These people are sick sub-human savages. My condolences and prayers go out to those victims of the attacks."

Razia stated that she is quite intrigued, but is cautious. She said, "Well, internet polls are internet polls. But I'm really intrigued that the youth of this great nation, and the majority of the people are seeing the madness under the leadership of Muhsin el-Hussein. But again, I need to remain active and make sure that these polls will emulate what the 2016 elections will truly be like."

She also attacked the "false image" of the Free Democratic Party. She said, "Muhsin el-Hussein doesn't know a thing about democracy, his party is neither 'free' or 'democratic'. It's a right-wing dictatorship, that's all it is."

In 2014, the Free Democratic Party was formally admitted into the International Democrat Union, an international organization of conservative and right-wing political parties throughout the world. 

The Princess also ridiculed and condemned Ontarians for chasing Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne from the Toronto capitol building, after her remarks attacking Canadian gun owners living in Ontario.

"I seriously cannot believe that such a heartless group of people, would blame an innocent leader like Kathleen Wynne for terrorist attacks that she clearly didn't do! This proves that all gun owners are evil and have no place in a world of peace!"

In 2016, both North Syria and the United States, whom Razia considers a strategic ally, will be holding their breaths for new leaders. Razia stated her support for Hillary Clinton, and even invited Clinton to a dinner at her mansion in the Royal Complex.

While the Free Democratic Party has had its fair share of successes, the Progressive Party also has had successes as well. While the Free Democratic Party supported English to be the co-official to Arabic, supporters of what would today become the Progressive Party supported French, and even Turkish. The Progressive Party also abolished the requirement for Prime Minister candidates in federal elections to be North Syrian-born, as well as paved the way for Pope Francis' visit - marking a historic event in which a Pope visits a Muslim nation. 

On November 20, the North Syrian Upper Court will decide on Bill NS-40, this would make Turkish the third official state language of North Syria, joining Arabic and French. The Kingdom has a huge Turkish population living in its northern regions, near Turkey's southern borders. 

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