Right to bear arms

November 14, 2015


Good riddance Kathleen Wynne

- After the Toronto shootings, the National Firearms Associations and gun rights advocates and gun control advocates across Canada have once-more re-ignited the gun debate. However, citizens of Ontario had simply had enough when Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's current (soon to be former) Premier stated that she was going to protect and aid Muslims from discrimination as well as keep firearms out of Ontario.

These were her exact words, "As Premier of Ontario, I can not just stand and watch these attacks unfold in this great nation. This is an example, of what lax gun laws does, and this teaches us a lesson that we need to keep firearms out of Ontario as much as possible. I also can not stand this upcoming racism against Canada's Muslim citizens, for they are the true victims. Every time a terrorist attack happens, they're bracing for it, they know the religious attacks are coming. I will make sure that they need no bracing to do, and that I will protect them."

While the western provinces of Canada have gone nearly "American-style" when it comes to gun laws (implying that the "Wild West" now also includes western Canada), Ontario actually has Canada's largest firearms-owning population, yet it has one of the strictest firearms laws. In fact, Ontario's firearms-owning population is almost as much as Alberta and Manitoba's combined. After Kathleen Wynne made that disparaging announcement, angry Ontarian citizens surrounded the Toronto capitol building, overrunning the security guards (who are armed) and actually chasing the Liberal premier out of the building.

One of the mob leaders said, "If we could [sic], we would have thrown her in a dumpster for real". The leader, a legal firearms owner said, "I am sick and tired of being called and labeled a criminal for wanting to protect my home from these terrorists, enough is enough. I don't have my firearms with me right now, but I am going to carry them with me next time. I don't care what the RCMP says."

The leader who has chosen not to disclose his name, said that he and the firearms-owning community in Ontario will disobey all laws, and carry their guns with them, and will open fire on the RCMP if they try to confiscate their firearms.

Over the past few years, Canada's firearms community has changed and grown rapidly. In 2005, when the Conservative leadership of Canada began, there were only about 940,422 legal firearms owners in Canada out of a population well over 30 million people. Eight years later, that number has more-than doubled to 4,340,003 firearms owners. The use of firearms has also changed rapidly. While sport-shooting and hunting are not unfamiliar to Canadian culture, self-defense is a fairly new reason. A poll in 2007 showed almost all Canadians owned firearms just for those two aforementioned purposes, with only 0.05% stating "self-defense" as a reason. That also is due to the fact that at that time, self-defense was a not a legal reason for attaining a firearms license and was highly sociall discouraged.

Thanks to several federal amendments to the Criminal Code allowing use of force, many more Canadians started applying for firearms licenses, obviously stating "target-shooting" as a reason. The surge really kicked off when the governments of Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia exercised their Constitutional right to administer firearms legislation independently from the RCMP - and began emulating American gun culture. This appalled the rest of Canada, going as far as the governments of Quebec and Ontario calling for the RCMP to conduct raids and deadly force on the western provinces for being "un-Canadian".

Though in the modern-days, Ontario has been a Liberal-leaning province, however it was historically one of the biggest footholds of Conservatism in Canada, and that does include Christian Conservatism, something that is often associated with the American South. Its influences are still felt today, Ontario's strict alcohol laws are a result of conservative Christian influences in government. However, Conservative support has seen a rise in Ontario. In 2014, approximately 43% of Ontarians voted Conservative while 57% voted Liberal. Despite this, Stephen Harper still emerged victorious from Canada's 2015 federal elections, enjoying his third term as Prime Minister.

At this point though, Kathleen Wynne is still officially the Premier of Ontario.

The leader of the mob also said, that they were going to go after the Chief Firearms Officers next. He said, "If the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario is watching this, good, we're coming for him next." 

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