21st Century Crisis

November 1, 2015

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - The first episode of Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's return to SCTV was an instant success, SCTV ratings soared as the episode aired online. Over the month of October, the cast of Eat Bulaga! Indonesia as well as TAPE Inc., spent as much time recovering and transitioning from ANTV, back to the network that Eat Bulaga! Indonesia was born in.

On October 30, Uya Kuya said that he would stop revealing too much as he didn't want to ruin the surpise, and let the audience watching the show see for themselves what the show had to offer.

Well, so what did the audience see? For starters, we saw a mix of original hosts from the show's first incarnation that included Bianca Liza, Leo Consul, Rio Indrawan and Rian Ibram. Joining them, were the hosts from the show's second incarnation who switched to SCTV, these included Shaheer Sheikh, Vin Rana, Tengku Dewi Putri and Nita Sofiani. Complete new hosts include Malaysian actress Mariam Yusuf, American internet personality Enrique Sandoval and Fareesa Sadik from West Java. 

Also featured was the return of the original segments, oh well, at least back to their original names, such as the outdoor segment "Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Satu", which is the Indonesian counterpart to Juan for All, All for Juan in the Philippines. Rio Indrawan reprised his role as "one of the segment's main hosts. In The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia, the segment was renamed "Berbagi Kejutan" or "Sharing a Surprise", and hosted by Vin Rana. However, he was featured alongside Rio Indrawan and Fareesa Sadik in this re-vamped version of Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Satu in a sense "reprising" his role as well. 

As usual, Uya Kuya stayed on-stage, along with Farid Aja, Reza Bukan, Enrique Sandoval, Mariam Yusuf and Rian Ibram. So what roles did Leo Consul and Bianca Liza play? 

Well, viewers of Eat Bulaga! in the Philippines know AlDub, the fictional super love team consisting of Maine Mendoza "Yaya Dub" and Alden Richards. Now, Leo Consul (who happens to be from the Philippines) and his romantic partner, Bianca Liza (who is Indonesian), have formed LeoLiza, now Indonesia's superlove counterpart to AlDub. 

Tanjidor, an outdoor game segment, which was actually from ANTV's incarnation of the show, returned with Tengku Dewi Putri reprising his role as the head host of the segment, accompanied by Nita Sofiani and Shaheer Sheikh. They also hosted another outdoor segment known as Jagaoan Karaoke: Idola Kampung, derived from the Philippine segment "Pambato ng Videoke" and "Idola Kampung" in the ANTV version. 

One can't forget Indonesia Pintar, which on the ANTV-version was Tokcer. Other segments included SuperGrandma Indonesia, DanceBulaga, Little Miss Indonesia and That's My Boy Indonesia. 

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