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June 28, 2015

Hot arab princess

Princess Razia in Aleppo

- Today, Crown Princess Razia bint Fahad did a public speech about North Syrian-American relations, at the Royal Office of International Affairs at the Royal Complex in the Kingdom's capital of Aleppo.

Princess Razia didn't have too many good things to say about America, especially American gun culture, as well as the American South's love of the Confederate flag - referring to their refusal to take down the flag at state capitol grounds.

During a part of her speech, these were her words, "[Y]our gun culture disgusts me, and so does your love of the Confederate flag. I do not know why many of you embrace white supremacist symbols like the Confederate flag."

She joined the Twitter protest, with the hashtag #TakeDowntheFlag. 

The Crown Princess also blamed Conservative gun owners for America's problems. She said, "Those who embrace gun ownership, and embrace waving Confederate flags are seriously America's biggest problems, and America's biggest threats. They need to have their sick culture of violence ridden of. The world must pay attention, this is really a big issue."

The Crown Princess also stated that she's proposed a bill that would outlaw the Confederate flag in the Kingdom.

She said, "I am a politician, a member of the Upper Court. We are talking about a bill that will ban the Confederate flag in this Kingdom. We are a Kingdom of peace." 

Razia also stated that she hopes the Charleston shooting will get her father, the King, to regret and rethink Bill NS-35, which re-legalized firearms ownership in the Kingdom and ended the Peaceful Citizens Act.

"I seriously hope that the Charleston shooting can make my father see what legalizing guns does, especially for all the idiots that are supporting Bill NS-35. You are a shame to the peaceful progressing of the world towards global unity."

Razia also blamed the Garland shooting in Texas on those who slander the prophet Muhammad.

She said, "American cowboy gun-slinging and Islamophobic idiots have nobody but themselves to blame for the attacks in Garland, Texas. They insulted Muslims, of course they're gonna trigger an angry reaction. I'm not saying the terrorists are right [obviously], but that would have never happened if they closed their mouths and realized that we are progressing as a world of peace, and not one of intolerance. Those who choose an intolerant lifestyle will receive the same and we saw that in Garland." 

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