Right to bear arms

May 16, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Gun control itself today is thought of a proxy-war of the on-going social struggle between Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats. While gun ownership tends to be Conservative-dominated and gun control tends to be Liberal-dominated, a gun-owning citizen of Jacksonville is offering a different view.

But this is no rural Caucasian. Jessica Hansen, a 26-year old Jacksonville gun owner of African-American descent, states that gun control was a subset of racism, white supremacy and that Liberals and Democrats need to stop embracing gun control.

Hansen stated herself, that she is a liberal, and supporting gun control is hypocritical for a group of people who claim to fight racism.

"Gun control in of itself, is racist to the core. During the days of slavery in the south, African-Americans were banned and nearly prohibited from owning firearms. These were known as Jim Crowe laws." 

Hansen made it clear that she is a liberal supporter of the Right to Bear Arms. She is also not a fan of the rural countryside, and lives in the bustling urban areas of Jacksonville.

"A lot of my close-ones think I'm a Republican. Well that's just a lie, I have no affiliations with Republicans or the Republican Party. I'm a liberal who hates white supremacist movements, something that Republicans seem to embrace. But I see nothing wrong, with defending myself from a rapist, killer, burglar or any threats to my life and property."

She says that she is the black sheep within the Liberal community.

"The problem with mainstream Liberals is that they claim to fight racism. But if one studies the history of gun control in the United States, that was of a racist intent. So Liberals have no excuse to be supporting gun control. I certainly don't."

This isn't sitting well with the rest of the liberal community. Jessica states that she has been ostracized from a number of progressive-movement circles and liberal organizations for her love of guns. 

She has received comments and emails, telling her that she was a threat to society, and to go join the Republicans. 

"The insults were just heart-breaking. They really were. I've been told things like I'm a threat to all progressives, to go join the Republicans, stuff like that."

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