Right to bear arms

June 30, 2015

Pope francis
- The Roman Catholic Church is now at extreme odds with gun-owning followers. Recently, Pope Francis made some strong remarks about conservative American gun-owners.

According to Pope Francis, owning firearms is not one of those ways, and he made strong remarks about gun-owners who profess to be Catholics.

Francis said, "If you claim to be a Catholic, and you own such a thing known as a firearm, you better surrender that firearm to the government, get on your knees and repent. Firearms ownership is a subset of terrorist and sinful activity that should be expunged eventually."

But it doesn't end there, because the Pope also compared conservative gun owners to terrorist groups like ISIS.

"To hear about the shooting Charleston, is heartbreaking. It really shows that those of you defend gun ownership, are worse than ISIS." 

The National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the 49th Parallel Shooters and Hunters Organization were speedy-quick to catch up on the comments, and upload it on their websites. Even Canadian gun rights organization such as the National Firearms Association and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association picked up on the comments Francis made.

Let the record show that the Catholic Church has always supported left-wing movements and liberal propagandas. A
couple months ago, Pope Francis showed his support for the importing of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Now, the Pope is creating a rift - because his comments affect millions of Roman Catholics living in the southern United States. About more than 60,000,000 Americans follow Roman Catholicism, and most Canadians follow Anglican Catholicism.

Of those American Catholics, only 20% are Conservative. Now, that number my dwindle even fruther. 

William Hancock, the Head of the Southern Catholics Organization was not happy about the Pope's comments. Hancock has also been well-known on his stance supporting the Right to Bear Arms.

He said, "It is a disappointment what the Pope has said, and thanks to these comments, many Catholics are going to be leaving."

Donald Kruse, a pastor of a southern independant Evangelical movement in Mississippi, who was a former Catholic deacon said that the Vatican was a threat to America's Religious Freedom and that being a "conservative Catholic" may soon be an oxymoron.

"I used to be a Catholic deacon. Seeing what the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is doing, we are going to get to a point where being a Conservative American and a Roman Catholic will be an oxymoron. I keep guns at my church, glad I do."

Kruse also called out the Pope, stating that he is "scared" of Americans values to talk negatively about Americans overseas.

"I'd like the Pope to come here, instead of hiding behind armed bodyguards in the Vatican City."

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