Right to bear arms

June 29, 2015

Russian police officer

Ivan Zeleny

- Four days ago, a rural Russian gun-owner shot four intruders, who were Islamic extremists. While gun owners, Russian nationalists and even conservative Americans praised Viktor Derevoev's actions, Islamic activists were quick to accuse him to being "racist" against Muslims.

It may have not been the fact that he shot the four men, obviously in an act of self-defense, but what he said during the police interview that caused such a firestorm among Islamic circles.

"If Muslims want a fucking state with Shariah Law as the legislature, they can go move to a country where it is, surely Russia isn't one of these countries. They can go fuck their goats elsewhere. I won't be afraid to stick a bullet in a single one of their throats, if they dare try to invade my property."

Ivan Zeleny, the leader of the police squad also released his own comments, stating that it was against "common sense" for a bunch of "jihadi-fuckers" to break into an armed rural Russian's home. 

Now, completely ignoring the fact that Derevoev was in danger of becoming another victim of jihad, Muslim organizations began their accusations of "Islamophobia".

Mariam Uygurova, the Head of the Organization of Islamic Affairs in Russia accused Viktor and Ivan of racism,

Mariam Uygurova in Karelia, Russia

especially Viktor for "persecuting" Muslims.

Razia bint Fahad, the Crown Princess of North Syria called Viktor and Ivan "white supremacists", and "perpetuators of civil war", despite the fact that Ivan received death-threats from Muslims in his Facebook and Twitter. 

Now after all of this, a number of gun-rights organizations in Russia are coming to VIktor's aid, and calling out Mariam Uygurova and other Muslims accusing Viktor of "racism".

Tamara Martova, the Spokesperson for the Russian National Shooters Organization said, "I highly find Mariam Uygurova's comments, not only biased for Muslims, but also inaccurate and a complete fallacy. She has shown herself to be incapable of controlling her anger, simply because the people who died were Muslims. That's it." 

The Russian National Shooters Organization is Russia's most politically influential gun-rights organization. Shortly after, Olga Tomovna, the Vice President of the Smoothbore Federation, Russia's oldest, first and largest gun-rights
Russian hunter

Viktor with his smooth-bore rifle

organization by member count is also speaking out against Uygurova's comments.

"What Uygurova obviously can't grasp is that if you try to forcefully enter somebody's property with the intent of killing them or causing harm, you should get what you deserve, whether you're Muslim, Orthodox, atheist or whatever faith. Those four men got what they deserved. I don't know what being so-called 'racist' has to do with self-defense."

Let the record show, that Mariam Uygurova was also a staunch-supporter of gun control. In 2012, she said, "Self-defense is not an excuse for owning a firearm. It is not a citizens' job to protect themselves, it is the job of the government, and when protecting Muslims, the Russian government sure has failed." 

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