Right to bear arms

July 20, 2015

- Today, the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom just released the entire of list of David Cameron's plan to change some of Britain's gun laws. Despite much opposition from the overpowering gun control crowd, Cameron plans to carry forth with his political move.

Here are the list of changes:

  • Self-defense becomes a legal reason for applicants to a Shotgun or Firearm Certificate
  • Police inspections for firearms storage no longer required, all police searches must require a lawful warrant
  • Changes on what mental conditions actually pose a threat to public 
  • Overturning of bans on certain shotgun and rifle models
  • "Possible" legalizing of certain handguns (handguns were banned in 1997)
  • Eliminating requirement to call police chiefs for sporting-use of firearms, as transportation to a firing or hunting range becomes a legal right entitled to the certificate
  • Reducing the wait time for applicants to receive a Shotgun or Firearms Certificate
  • Local and ordinary police officers re-armed with firearms

Now, its up to the House of Commons of whether these changes become reality not only for British gun owners, but for would-be owners or whether it becomes wishful thinking.

According to the left-wing movements, particularly the Labour Party headed by Harriet Harman and the Equality Party headed by Priya Zahra, they are keeping a "close eye" on the Conservatives to make sure that Britain doesn't "head down the American path".

Piers Morgan, Britain's most noted gun control advocate said, "It would be a nightmare to see the Conservatives' sick firearms agenda come true. We have to unite and fight it."

Nigel Farage, head of the National Party, a far-right political party said, "Let the anti-gunners whine and complain all they want."

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