Right to bear arms

July 10, 2015

- Yesterday on July 9, the left-wing community began voicing their angry opposition to an attempted move by David Cameron to legalize self-defense as a reason for owning a firearm, among other moves to eliminate Britain's draconian gun laws.

Now, the right-wing community in the nation is voicing in their opinion, and so far, have garnered much support.

Cameron himself, offered an epic response to the liberal outrage. "I advocate self-defense with a firearm, and guess what? If that offends you, all I can do is laugh, ignore and move on. I do not care who I offend, I'm not for those people, I'm only for those that care about protecting themselves. You're offended by what I'm trying to do, too bad." 

Some gun control activists, are already accusing David Cameron of trying to legalize assault weapons and pistols, though he said no such thing, neither did he propose such a thing. It is possible that he may try, but there is no evidence yet. 

Adam Walker, the leader of a far-right political party known as the British National Party said, "Yes, such a move would be a help for us British patriots to take our country back. I'm truly sick of these Islamo-Fascists and Communists
Hot british lady

Katie Williams

running our country, it is about time that a politician stand up."

Outdoor enthusiast and media personality Katie Williams also supports such a move. Williams is a supported of the British Conservatives, and says that having a gun around would make feel safe from not only criminals but dangerous predators. She often goes on camping trips with her Filipino boyfriend "Prince Juan", in the United States and Canada. She states that firearms are part of outdoor culture.

She said, "It would be great if the Prime Minister did what he's saying he'll do. Firearms are part of outdoor culture, that's just common sense. I go on camping trips with my boyfriend all the time in the USA and Canada. I often rent firearms for dangerous predators that may be nearby. It would be nice if I could do the same in the UK without dealing with draconian gun laws."

Williams states that she doesn't currently own firearms, but he is very well-trained in shooting and would buy one as soon as Britain's draconian laws are loosened.

"I currently don't own firearms, but I've gone clay-pidgeon shooting. I've gone shooting many times in Canada and the United States. I understand that firearms aren't illegal in the United Kingdom, but the process and what you can do with those firearms is a mountain-sized hassle, it's simply not worth it, at least for now."

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