Right to bear arms

July 1, 2015

NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA - Today, Niagara Falls police forces arrested three men, illegals for carrying smuggled firearms into a Canada Day Event, all plotting for a terrorist attack on an event celebrating Canadian independance.

The names of the three men where Hussein Islam, Ahmad Salam and Bakir al-Sadik. One of them was armed with an AK-47, smuggled from the United States, AK-47s are currently illegal in Canada, the other two were armed with double-barreled shotguns.

The firearms were sent to an RCMP Fireams Chief Officer, who actually traced the guns and confirmed that the three men had illegally attained them, while in the United States.

The three men also spoke no English, but they did speak French. The men were revealed to have been illegal aliens from Syria, and confirmed that while they had no ties to the currently-infamous Islamic State, they were plotting a major shooting to "rid the west of white supremacists".

Bakir al-Sadik said, "It is simply doing God's work, I have no regrets. All whites are evil, and there's a lot of them in countries like Canada and the USA, these two are the havens of white devils in the Western Hemisphere."

But now, Liberals and Canadian leftists, and the anti-gun crowd are simply doing something that will further worsen the situation, and are now calling for stricter gun control on Canadians and Americans alike.

Wendy Cukier, the head of Canada's Coalition for Gun Control said, "This is what happens when we become Americanized in terms of gun control. This is what happens when we loosen our restrictions, guns become illegally smuggled and planned for terrorist attacks."

Sarah Layus, a head of People for A Gun-Free Canada (who is coincidentally, also Syrian-born, but a legal Canadian citizen) said, "Now people are gonna come with their Arabophobic and Islamophobic comments. It's a lesson tought, that stricter gun laws work, we need to really start moving on and stop adopting American tradition of moving backwards. White supremacists have nothing but themselves to blame."

Canada's National Firearms Association was quick to respond. Sheldon Clare, the club's president said, "The statement made by Wendy Cukier and Sarah Layus are a product of complete insanity, gone-overboard that truly no words can describe. They expect patriotic Canadians to believe, that it's Christian gun owners' faults for something that Islamic terrorists planned to do?" 

Tyler Pearson, the head of the Alberta Shooters, Hunters and Fishers Association (an NFA-supported group), also ridiculed the comments made by leftists.

"The left-wing nuts have lost their minds, which is just all about I can say. We have constitutional rights here in Alberta that protect our citizens from armed crazy Muslims like these three. Yeah, that's right I said it, armed crazy Muslim jihadi-motherfuckers."

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