Capital: St. John's

Languages: English

Currency: Pound


Newfoundland has remained a British colony since the 16th century. Its economy has been based on fishing since long before that, when Portuguese, French, and English whale and cod fishers, the first European visitors to North America since the Vikings, used the rugged island as a seasonal waystation.

With an economy based almost entirely on subsistence and a sole exchange of goods with Great Britain, Newfoundland is largely isolated from the former British colonies of North America.


As a colony of Great Britain, Newfoundland is ruled by the British monarch through a lieutenant-governor appointed by the monarch. The governor makes decisions with the advice of a council chosen by him from eminent locals. The government is based at St. John's, Newfoundland's most prominent port. Consisting of a collection of isolated, mostly coastal towns and villages, the authority of the lieutenant-governor is excercised mostly by boat, as both government officials and police make routine visits to the various settlements.


Newfoundland's population consists almost entirely of people of British descent. The island's original inhabitants, the Beothuk people encountered by the Vikings of Leif Eriksson, died out in the 19th century. Labrador, the continental half of the colony, is inhabited by a mix of people of British extraction (especially along the coast) and aboriginal peoples (who carry out their traditional nomadic existence in the interior). Outside St. John's, the colony's only city, the population of Newfoundland is scattered throughout a collection of small towns and villages. Most of these settlements are located along the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador, although some logging camps are maintained in the interiro of Labrador.


Newfoundland's economy is heavily reliant on fishing the abundancy of cod in the Grand Banks off the island's eastern coast. The interior of Labrador provides some lumber.


The Royal Navy's Atlantic squadron maintains a post at St. John's, although the bulk of its North American prescence is based at Halifax, in the Confederation of the Maritimes. The only formal military force in the colony is the Royal Marine detachments assigned to the Royal Navy force at St. John's. The rest of the island is serviced by a small force of colonial police scattered throughout the various settlements and based with the lieutenant-governor's government at St. John's.

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